Welcome to the Healthy Ageing Toolkit

The Healthy Ageing Toolkit is a searchable cohort information repositor that includes information about ageing cohort studies across the globe (n=287) designed to support the study of healthy ageing and its trajectories, as well as inequities in healthy ageing.

The Healthy Ageing Toolkit is a free public resource and designed to:
  • help researchers quickly and easily find key information on cohort studies that include their measurements of interest, with the goal of facilitating multi-cohort research and promoting the use of available data; and

  • provide guidance on data collection gaps that can underpin efforts, including policies, concrete actions and planning, and funding to increase data collection in geographical regions with no or limited population-based longitudinal cohort studies.

Finding longitudinal cohort studies with relevant sets of measurements on intrinsic capacity and physical, social, and environmental factors related to ageing is a challenging and time-consuming step for any Public Health and Epidemiological research, which the Toolkit can facilitate. 

Through the Toolkit dashboard, researchers will easily be able to find a list of cohort studies from different geographical regions with relevant healthy ageing measures for their research question of interest. The Toolkit can help to power research to promote healthy ageing and reduce healthy ageing inequities.

General Information

Healthy Ageing Toolkit (cepar.edu.au) is a website operated by the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) and the University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney) (collectively CEPAR). 

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We present this website for the purpose of disseminating research information for the benefit of the public. 

We do not provide access to the data produced by our researchers. 

After identifying cohort studies with available data relevant to any research questions, you need to contact each cohort study for data access.

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